Our mission is to bridge the gap between science and the public, fostering a deeper understanding of scientific concepts and their real-world applications.

About SciComNigeria

Science Communication Hub Nigeria (SciComNigeria) is a vibrant community co-founded by Dr. Mahmoud Bukar Maina and his sibling, Dr, Ali Maina Bukar, in 2018. SciComNigeria, is passionate about promoting science communication and engagement in Nigeria. We achieve our mission through a wide range of activities.

Workshops & Support Programmes

We conduct workshops and training programs on science communication. Our events cover a variety of topics, including writing science news articles, delivering engaging science talks, and effectively using social media for science communication. We also provide support for scientists to effectively communicate their research to the public by facilitating connections between scientists and journalists, promoting effective science communication.


Our periodic webinars cover a wide range of scientific topics, featuring both local and international subject matter experts. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our Q&A webinar series debunked misconceptions and conspiracy theories to promote good practices in reducing the spread of the disease.

Knowledge Dissemintation & Outreach

Our initiatives connect high school students, undergraduates, graduates, and early-career researchers with volunteer mentors from diverse academic backgrounds. Additionally, we organise outreach activities and host life science competitions for secondary school and tertiary institution students across Nigeria to encourage students to explore and apply scientific ideas, fostering a passion for science in the younger generation and bridging the gap between academic learning and practical scientific application.


Volunteer as a Mentor

If you’re an experienced scientist, consider becoming a mentor. Connect with high school students, early career undergraduates, graduates, and potential researchers. Share your knowledge and passion for science while helping to debunk misconceptions.

Collaborate and Partner

For institutions, organizations, and individuals interested in collaborating with SciComNigeria, reach out to explore partnership opportunities to advance science communication and education.

Support Public Engagement

Participate in our public engagement events, such as science fairs, science festivals, and science cafés. Engage with the public on science and technology issues, sharing your expertise and passion for your field.